I have been highly intuitive all my life. Since early childhood I experienced visions, prophetic dreams and communicated with angelic beings and passed over loved ones.  For as long as I can remember I was spiritually inclined and in early adolescence I began voraciously reading on the subjects of world religions, psychology, self-help, spirituality, alternative healing, meditation, and the power of our minds and bodies. In my teens I experimented with meditation, visualization, past life regression and began practicing traditional Japanese karate.


In my early 20's a mentor suggested I read about "Indigos" and I was moved to tears. It was the first time I had felt really understood. Shortly after, I was gifted a Reiki session and instantly felt the power of this modality's ignition of cellular transformation, when applied with focus and intent. This turning point in my life led me down a path of healing from passed down family patterns and an array of childhood traumas.

After a relatively short period of receiving Reiki along with personal persistence, I reached a turning point of liberation from issues I thought I would carry for the duration of my life. Over the next few years I went on the complete Reiki I and II training and then Reiki Master (teacher).


Over a decade later, my natural gifts as an empath and clairvoyant accompanied by ongoing meditation, martial arts, personal studies and an innate desire to help others, have helped me transform into a clear and compassionate conduit. Today I am more free and continuously filled with joy and love than I ever thought possible. I am motivated to share the freedom that I have found with others who are driven by the same calling. It is an honor for me to offer this work to you. 

During sessions, I share divined insight and offer action steps to assist in self mastery. Consulting sessions are intuitively based with coaching overtones. Energetic sessions are tailored to your needs. I also offer classes teaching energy healing and channeling either privately or in groups and share wisdom and techniques cultivated from over 10 years of practice.

The awakening of humanity has been prophesied across cultures and it is happening. I am honored to be an awakening mentor during this time of transition on the planet. It is my life's purpose to help others connect to their souls purpose and to help ease the suffering experienced in the school of life. I believe heaven can be created on earth -- held in the hearts and seen through the eyes of liberated compassionate souls.

With Love,

Trisha Mallicoat


I believe a healer's job is to remind you of your own strength. A healer is a midwife that assists in birthing your vision and offers an ear for the voice that is reweaving your story. 


Every soul has a purpose. All souls experience lessons that provide the growth necessary to live that purpose. When you are able to view yourself from the soul's perspective, you can liberate your thoughts of judgement, limitation and fear.  Stepping into your mastery is where the healing takes place. There is no question too small to peruse or problem too complex to unravel.


I have witnessed incredible transformations and have helped in even the darkest of situations. I am happy to provide a single session or delve into a series. The journey awaits!