Learn how to channel Reiki and create an energetic practice to liberate blocks and patterns that will help you transform into a powerful healer and manifestor.

Alchemical Reiki Level I

  • Traditional Reiki hand positions and additional powerful energy points

  • Full self treatment techniques

  • How to properly connect to healing energy and channel energy and information

  • How to assess your energetic field using intuition, insight and a pendulum

  • Meet your Reiki guides and connect with your higher self

  • Learn to clear patterns, release habits, and transform relationships alchemically

  • Bulletproof alternative to "shielding"

  • Class manual

  • Includes Class + follow up call + email questions

  • Reiki Level I Class certificate

  • 25% off of a private 1 hour follow up energy & coaching sessions beyond the training

Cost $200

Group of Two $330 

Wednesday August 1st, 2018  6:00 - 9:00 pm


Albany, CA