Ancient Ritual

The Ancient Ritual is a ceremony that is an offering of your current life's circumstances to the divine, so that it may be reformed. It allows you to untangle the elements of your situation, inviting in the natural order of health, happiness and abundance, lighting the path to your highest destiny.


The ritual involves wrapping symbolic materials into a burnable bundle. Specific herbs and other natural ingredients are used in combination with prayers, written messages, or pictures that are burned in a ceremony that quickly creates profound change.


It is useful for creating or manifesting situations such as a partner or job and can often easily alter challenging and complicated situations. used for any of your heart's desires.


It is a powerful way to release or banish, effective in serious situations like illness, perceived entities, re-current patterns and thoughts.


The Ancient Ritual can be done alone or in a small group and includes a follow up check in call or email to support you in continued success.​