Ascension Coaching 

And if you aren’t sure how this all works, no worries, I offer a 20 minute consultation where we discuss how Soul Awakening sessions can work for you.  FREE CONSULT


My goal is to offer you messages in a way that will empower and uplift you to believe in yourself and your highest potential, so that you can reap the maximum benefits from the school of life. 

I hold the intention that our work together will illuminate the clearest path to achieving all that you desire in the absolute best way for your highest benefit and for the benefit of all. 

Intuitive Business Consulting  

These sessions are for business professionals, entrepreneurs or creative types. I offer divined insight into how you can develop your craft further and help you identify where you are held back. I can also assist you in creating the most authentic marketing based on your highest potential of what you wish to offer, which we can create from scratch or re-formulate your existing marketing. 


I have helped many clients double and even triple their income in relatively short periods of time, open to quickly connecting to an excellent partner and launch creative projects with success greater than they had  hoped. I cannot guarantee your success, but I can guide and support you while you transform into a more authentic version of yourself.  My #1 goal is to help you feel empowered and assist you in becoming more successful.

20 Minute Phone Session -  $40
40 Minute Intuitive Session -  $80
60 Minute Intuitive Session  -  $120
Ancient Ritual - $300
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