Energy Work

I offer a distinctive blend of energy work based in Reiki, utilizing acupressure points and meridians via traditional essential oil anointing. I also utilize tools like guided visualizations and soul retrieval to assist you in deep work that gets results.

The session is done clothed on a massage table in a dimly lit room with soft music. 

The combined energetic and intuitive session can be of great benefit to help you relax, quiet your mind and balance your physical and spiritual body.  Intuitive consulting can be included in any of the energy sessions. 

Distance energy work can also powerfully experienced and may be added to any phone session.

What to expect During An Energy Session 
Energy Session Possibilities 

  • Energize + recharge 

  • Balance your chakras 

  • Soul Retrieval

  • Assisted meditation

  • Meet your guides 

  • Open your intuition or other claire's

  • Kundalini awakening

  • Life's purpose

  • Build your energetic awareness

  • Clear your field 

  • Pregnancy + fertility

  • Preparation for birth



During an energy session most report feeling deeply relaxed and peaceful during and after a session. Others may experience warmth, coolness, tingling sensations, jolts or twitching in body, spontaneous laughing, crying, yawning and stomach growling are all normal. You may even fall asleep. The experience is different for each person. Your system is adjusting and this is part of your body’s natural healing process.


Some experience what is known as a healing crisis