Dear Seeker

If you are readings these words, odds are, you have decided to embark upon your spiritual journey. Perhaps you were pushed after resisting, persuaded by an illness, divorce, or some other life changing event. Or perhaps it was a pleasurable experience; a glorious flash of insight that began your epic adventure. Either way, congratulations and best of luck, because you are going to need it.

Every epic adventure is full of ups and downs and has at least one dragon to slay. These dragons are fluid and stealthily hide in our arguments, inner struggles and pivotal decisions. If you step outside of yourself to shadow box them, you will most certainly wear yourself out and most likely confuse the real nuggets of truth for the smaller victories of the will.

It won’t take long to realize that this journey requires a bit of skill and keen insight, but most importantly the flexibility to maneuver the balance of receptivity and action, seizing the treasures from the challenges as they appear.

It's tempting to think of this world in a linear way – the experiences of the past, the pressing present and the far off future of mastery, as a dot on the horizon. If there is one small piece of advice I could impart, it is to try to think of it all outside of time.

The journey begins by acknowledging the constructs that create your reality and time is a pivotal construct that previously left you chained. To free yourself you can begin by not allowing time be defined by the external world. In this state of being you are able to create in a more unlimited capacity. When this doorway is opened you will allow time to become your ally. You can then work with the present moment, allowing it to bend and flow like mercury held cupped in your hand.

However, be wary. This it is not done in the denial of time or the rejection of anything, but the acceptance of everything in a relaxed way. Through the lens of curiosity, love and joy, you are no longer able to see the character of Time as a pressure that lords over you -- threatening, demanding that you keep up or slow down, wielding its power through fear, warning that it will one day run out. Time will instead become a friend whispering secrets in your ear as your once perceived limitations become as malleable as your mind allows.

With no past or future and letting go of the idea that you ascend a ladder of self mastery, you can begin to experience a facet of liberation. At first the change of perception might be disorienting, but in essence that is the purpose. Letting go and re-calibrating to your center will allow you the space to discern with presence, rather than react to each moment.

The invitation to play has been there all along. The games are infinite. Ready?

When you enter your vehicle take a moment to acknowledge that you will arrive at the perfect time and then relax. Take your eyes off of the clock and turn on some music and trust that if you let go and allow your mind to instead engaged in the beauty of the scenery, you will park at the exact moment you where hoping to arrive. Your perceived limitations where present because they were just that, perceived.

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