I reached out to Trisha upon receiving a long awaited medical diagnosis left me reeling after years of health struggles. Trisha's intuition, experience and knowledge of the spiritual realm put both my diagnosis and pain into a perspective that spoke to the bigger picture of my life. She illuminated the role of my higher self and higher purpose, fitting my illness, emotional state and current life path together seamlessly. Trisha is truly gifted in her intuitive abilities and capability to tap into the energetic world. Her value in the process of healing is indeed tremendous.

~ Christian, Dixon, CA

Healing work with Trisha is amazing! Very relaxing, comfortable and I had exciting discoveries about myself. Her words are caring and soothing and helped me to tune in at the moment. She's so gifted and has such a positive energy. I strongly recommend her. 

~ Yasuko, Alameda, CA

Trisha is the real deal! She changed my life and I am forever grateful. I was desperate to change a situation that had been plaguing me for over a decade and after a handful of sessions of energy work and a ritual I had changes take place that I never thought possible. I am a free man today in every way because of her help. 


~ Michael, Berkeley, CA

Trisha is a rare fine: a skilled practitioner AND teacher. She was able to address the questions and needs of advanced students, while still making time to instruct newbies like myself in the subtle art of energy work. Trisha's seminar has added depth to my Chinese Medicine and Qigong studies: I continue to use the reference materials she provided in my Master's program. I can't recommend her teaching enough."


~ James, Berkeley, CA 

Trisha is amazingly intuitive, incredibly sharp and her insight always sees right to the heart of the matter. Her sessions are a great value because the process is efficient and her advice is so spot on and catalyzing. I go to her for both business and personal consulting and she is well versed at both. She has guided me through several major transitions and I wouldn't want to go through one without her.

~ Kate, Vancouver, WA